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Lab meetings

What are they?

Lab meetings. I am not sure whether all PhD students have to go to lab meetings, or at least meetings between their supervisor and other students/ researchers working with the supervisor. But all PhDs in Science definitely have lab meetings. Continue reading “Lab meetings”


Ethics; the 7-headed monster

“I was planning to post this article when I have completed my Ethics Application, but since this seems that will never happen, I thought of posting it now”. This is what I’ve written more than a year ago when I was still trying to complete my Ethics application. One plus year later and I’m writing an ethics application again. Continue reading “Ethics; the 7-headed monster”

Why a blog?

In my last post I explained why I took the decision to go the PhD route. I also mentioned reasons why one should take the PhD exit. In this entry, I’ll lay out a few reasons why I am creating this PhD blog. Continue reading “Why a blog?”

Why a PhD?

In this post I’ll talk about the reasons that led me to take the PhD route, while simultaneously explaining the title of this blog; “Take the PhD exit”. Continue reading “Why a PhD?”

Take the PhD

A year later

I did create this blog space about a year ago, soon after I started my PhD. However, this is the first entry to this blog, halfway through my PhD. Why the delay? A mixture of factors; Continue reading “Take the PhD”

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