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I’ve recently attended a few publication workshops and I’m in the process of finalising a manuscript for my first attempted publication. In this post, I’ll make a brief Continue reading “Publications”


How the ear works – And how to use youtube for your PhD

First, let’s see a video showing in simple graphics how the ear works. It is a simple summary of how this amazing structure functions. Continue reading “How the ear works – And how to use youtube for your PhD”


A PhD needs a lot of organising and prioritising. A good task management tool is essential for any PhD student. When tasks start piling up you can easily Continue reading “Todoist”

Viva cards

This post is a promotional one. I have recently purchased the Viva Cards, which are a great help for preparing for your upcoming PhD viva. They include a lot of questions on the following 4 topics: Continue reading “Viva cards”

File storage and sync services

Almost all universities will by now offer storage services to staff and students. These will include a large amount of storage space in the university storage Continue reading “File storage and sync services”


When work starts piling up you might find that you don’t have much time to exercise. In fact, Continue reading “Walk”

Upgrade report tips

I just submitted a first draft of my upgrade report, which means I finally have some time to write other things than just that report (i.e. this post). Continue reading “Upgrade report tips”

Talk to people

The next question after you tell someone you’re doing a PhD usually is “Oh, in which area?”. Continue reading “Talk to people”

Lab meetings

What are they?

Lab meetings. I am not sure whether all PhD students have to go to lab meetings, or at least meetings between their supervisor and other students/ researchers working with the supervisor. But all PhDs in Science definitely have lab meetings. Continue reading “Lab meetings”

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