This post is a promotional one. I have recently purchased the Viva Cards, which are a great help for preparing for your upcoming PhD viva. They include a lot of questions on the following 4 topics:

  • Introductory context
  • Methods, design and analysis
  • Results and discussion
  • Implications and utilisation

They are very helpful in that they make you think well about your research in order to be able to answer these specific questions during your viva. It is a very good preparation tool and since they are in a form of flipping cards they can be used by friends to test you in a sort of “mock-up” viva. It is very easy to practice on your own, as well. I actually haven’t had my PhD viva yet but they did help me prepare for my upgrade report viva (a UCL scheme for upgrading from MPhil to PhD status).

The original pricing for this item through the Viva Cards website is £25.00 plus about £2-3 posting. I am selling them at £13 plus £2 posting fees. They are very lightly used and they will be posted as they were received. All original cards are included. For more information please click here to go to the ebay listing to view more details about the cards and to purchase them should you wish so.