When work starts piling up you might find that you don’t have much time to exercise. In fact, in times where deadlines creep up then your only form of exercise could be walking from the house to the station and back or from your desk to the toilet.

A good way of combating the lack of physical activity is to incorporate walking into your routine. It could be either by walking to the office or having “walk breaks”. I find that walking helps me not only get some physical activity but during walking I get to organise my thoughts, find solutions to problems and refresh my mind. It’s often the case that too much time in front of the computer blocks your mind and thoughts. Walking gives you the chance to refresh your thoughts and relax both your body and mind.

I know that in London walking to the office is difficult. Distances are long, unless you are living in halls or flats close to the office or the route might not be easy especially during rush hour. If that is the case then walk breaks could help. Even a 15 or 20-minute walk could be enough to help you reboot. Also, if there is a park close by then that would be the perfect environment to relax your mind, as it will be away from the traffic and noise. For UCL students there are many parks around the main campus and there are also some good walking routes. A few of my favourite ones are from Chancery Lane towards Temple, through St George’s garden, around Marchmont street and around the newly built area behind Kings Cross station. I also find solace in the British Library and the Wellcome Collection.

So next time your mind gets stuck in front of the desk just leave everything behind and get walk break. When you come back you will find everything as you left them, but with a clearer mind.