In my last post I explained why I took the decision to go the PhD route. I also mentioned reasons why one should take the PhD exit. In this entry, I’ll lay out a few reasons why I am creating this PhD blog.

I have a lot of things on my plate already. Why would I want one additional task? Why do I also need this blog, which will need constant caring and attention?

Here are four major reasons:

  1. I have read a number of PhD blogs that I found helpful. This is my contribution, which could hopefully give an answer or a useful tip to another PhD student out there. And just as a PhD is a tiny contribution to the research world, this is how this blog should be viewed, as well; my tiny contribution to the vast resources for PhDs on the web.
  2. I recently attended a course called “Writer’s block”. One of the take away messages of the course was “Keep on writing. Don’t stop. Even if you think you’re writing stupid things”. This is what I’m doing here. Well, certainly not writing stupid things (or at least I’d like to believe), but I am writing, and at the same time keeping my fingers and brain warm for all the writing that awaits for my upgrade and thesis.
  3. I find that that managing a blog is a very good skill to have for future employment. In this way you show future employers that you can manage multiple tasks. Writing about topics usually shows you understood them and learned from them. Therefore, that is one more quality you can demonstrate to employers. Other skills one can develop through managing and writing a blog are the following; time management, writing, editing, proofreading, collating, creativity, dealing with online content and related IT skills. All these look good on a CV.
  4. Finally, a blog is an excellent way of recording the PhD journey. I can always go back to my entries to look for answers if I need to, or just browse through it, like going through an old photo-album.

These are reasons that make sense to me. Others might have additional or different reasons for wanting to write a blog about their PhD. You could share them in the comments below to enrich this post.

Photo taken at Hyde Park, London.