A year later

I did create this blog space about a year ago, soon after I started my PhD. However, this is the first entry to this blog, halfway through my PhD. Why the delay? A mixture of factors; work, reading, more work, more reading, doubts, more doubts. And it’s hard to start writing a blog about a PhD when doubts surround you.

This first entry, though, shows that my doubts have vanished, for now at least. I am fully focused on my PhD now and even though difficulties are part of the game, I am now sure that I am doing the right thing and building the right skills and knowledge through this. I will write more about these (skills and knowledge through a PhD), but for now I just wanted to introduce this blog and say a couple of things about it.

About the blog

This blog is not an innovation. I have found a number of blogs by PhDs who write about their PhDs and other related topics. My blog is not something very different. But it is my blog and it follows my journey through my PhD. I already have various ideas in mind for the next entries and I will continue to update the blog whenever I have something meaningful to write about.

As my PhD is a clinical trial in the field of audiology, I will write about such topics. I also plan to have entries on electroencephalography, ethics report, research and statistics. I plan to expand into more practical PhD matters, as well; how to deal with the PhD, the supervisors, upgrades, vivas, obstacles, doubts that come along, how to overcome them, skill one can build through a PhD and other tips I have learned and will continue to learn in the next 2 years. Finally, I might also throw in a few posts about London, London life and how to survive in this city. It’s an easy guess that I’m doing my PhD in London. The reasons for including it as part of this blog is because is a big part of my life and because it does influence the PhD life directly.

And as I plan to keep my entries short (but informative), I have to end this first one here!